Ten Thousand Autumn Nights of the Qyesh Bandlands

Standing at a lean 6 feet, Ten Thousand Autumn Nights, or Autumn for short, is a Tabaxi that wears modest clothes of a traveler. A wanderer in nature, the tigress from Toril spends much of her time fixating over various oddities found in this strange world. Her pack carried always, she is limber and unarmored, though carries an old longsword. Her coat shines proudly, thick like flames one snow and obsidian, her eyes are large, breathtaking blue and hawk-like in their observation. Her smile is glinting, but her hands are deft and her mind is clever.

Current Known Fixation: Clocks of any kind.


"If everything should be done in moderation, including moderation, should everything except moderation be done half as moderately?"

"If a stranger walks up to me and says, 'Don’t take advice from strangers,' should I take his advice?"

"If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk with others."


Ten Thousand Autumn Nights of the Qyesh Bandlands

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