Dame Lavinia Garvinski

Age: ??; Weight: 200lbs; Height: 5'9''; Culture: Barovian


Standing almost six feet tall, the woman often stoops when in company of those much shorter than her, as not to have them feel so humbled by her presence. Her hair is soft and salted prematurely, and her skin is pale from spending most of her life within gloom, and now only leaves the temple for brief periods to collect alms. Her eyes are light in their blue hue and are desperately blank. 

For much of her youth she was thought to be a Shell. It is said she once wandered the Murmuring Slums, displaced through the terrors of this world. Left orphaned, it was Presbyter Hans Garvinski of the Cult of the Morninglord that found her and took her in, claiming he felt drawn to her. Lavinia, as she is called endearingly by the church, has in more recent years insisted upon being called Demeter Phæcêros, though this is an infrequent occurrence. It is not clear what happened to her at this time, but the grapevines cast their yarns; proven to be sporadically skilled with the blade as well as the shield, the orderlies of the faith have often called upon "Demeter" to help them in times of need and it is said that in doing so, this strange "spark" takes her face. It is said that one day she prayed and that she was answered by the Morninglord overwhelmingly; her dark hair warped to snowy grey and her blue eyes paled as a new life took hold within her – that this was when she insisted on being called this Demeter, and that many took pity upon her in her mad-babblings. Still, no one can deny that something attracts them to Lavinia, even in her hollowed state, even her origins are shrouded in mystery. It is also said that since she was brought to the Priory, she hasn't aged a day. Many in the faith see her furniture and a way of life within the temple, and despite her condition, she is a welcome face. She has lived in the Priory for about 20 years, and oddly hasn't aged a day since she was first brought there.

She can show an empowering sense of compassion and mercy towards the less fortunate, and she still spends much of time wandering the streets when not under the care of fellow cultists. Many whisper that she searches for something but has long-since forgotten the endeavor's purpose. Yet sometimes on rare occasion, they claim her footfalls seem more certain, her features develop a serene and motherly appearance, and her eyes are lit with a warm sense of sentience.

Dame Lavinia Garvinski

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