Royse Weathermay-Foxgrove, Baroness

Icon of the Van Richten Lodge.


Icon of the Van Richten Lodge. Baroness Weathermay-Foxgrove is a descendant of Gennifer Weathermay-Foxgrove, one of two twin sisters that were founders of the Van Richten Lodge along with Ezmeralda d’Avenir, and Mordentish nobility. She is practically aristocracy among her order, and enjoys a celebrity status due to that. With her signature red hooded cloak and sharpshooting skills, she quickly grew to being one of the most infamous members of the Lodge, one of its celebrated Victors.

But now that she’s reached that height, she’s begun to grow increasingly eccentric and decadent in her tastes and boredom, dissolute in personality. With more money and fame than she knows what to do with, she abuses it and those around her, and forsakes any real responsibility among her number. She is still an inspiration to many, as she grows older, but the edges are starting to fray, and her skills rusting over. It’s time for a new generation.


Royse Weathermay-Foxgrove, Baroness

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