Idriane Pisacar, Saint?

Icon of the Keepers of the Cerulean Sign.


Icon of the Keepers of the Cerulean Sign. The figure of Idriane Pisacar is somewhat controversial within even her own faction due to the legendarium that has grown around her exploits, with some going so far to call this master exorcist a saint, but others note their soulless nature, possessed by a spirit of good, and wonder what exactly that means. No one particular knows where she came from, or what motivates her, she seems to be a vessel for the order itself, used as a weapon against its aberrant enemies.

This is somewhat disconcerting, as there is little of her that seems to remain human, but there are still stories here and there of small moments where the light is not burning that touch on a personality, perhaps a soul born of her adversity. While no great scholar like many of the other Keepers, she is an Icon for her dedication to their cause and leading them forward in her example.


Idriane Pisacar, Saint?

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