Godmother Churchbells, Guildmaster

Icon of the Porters Guild.


Icon of the Porters Guild. The figure known as Godmother Churchbells has gone through many names and identities. Kenku were relatively common within the Porters Guild, even before their evolution into what they are today, but rarely respected, used more as mimics and catspaws than anything else. Churchbells changed this with her rapid ascension through the ranks, and today she is the most renowned Ace, and through her age and puissance has earned the title Godmother from her ilk, who respect her “word” however it is given.

Using magic to overcome her race’s curse as necessary, she is fond of playing the fool, though many mistrust such a venture now, leading her to often use disguise and obscuration to appear as someone more common and less influential. She pines for the days where the criminal side of her faction was more in vogue, though perhaps that is simply to feed into an image as well, as if anyone could change the direction they are going, it would be her.


Godmother Churchbells, Guildmaster

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