Gallond Sala, Seeker

Icon of the Lamplighters.


Icon of the Lamplighters. He is, thanks to the long lives of his race, is one of the only members of his faction left that has actually met, and remembers, St. Elspeth herself. He is the Last Oracle from her time, one of the original founders of the organization, who saw the truth and seeks to protect it now. He is beloved even though so often he has to keep distant, known more for the written word and the tracts he puts out for his fellow Navvies.

He is a crag dwarf, one of the Ironwrights that first came to Ravenloft in its early days and thus one of Elspeth’s first followers. Unlike many of his brethren, his coarseness has worn away to an almost warm grandfatherly demeanor, as most of all what he has seemed to learn in his many years is how to laugh, despite coming from an infamously humorless race.


Gallond Sala, Seeker

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