Dona Salome van Haupt, Watch Commander

Commander of the night watch.


Human (Falkovnian) commoner, Commander of the Night Watch.
Born 938 BC in the Murmuring Slums of Ravenloft.

One time conscript turned mercenary turned reputed duelist turned Commander of Ravenloft’s City Watch, Dona Salome van Haupt has led an adventurous life deeply shaped by her comfort with violence. An orphaned child born of the troubled times of the war with Falkovnia, Salome lived on the streets until she was conscripted into the militia as penance for youthful thefts. Noted for her flare for bloodshed, Salome served her time with the militia before buying into a mercenary company where she honed her skills in that savage trade into her mid twenties. As a mercenary Salome was shaped into the woman now known, feared and revered by many of the city’s denizens. After narrowly surviving a skirmish on the borders of Invidia she took to drink for years between stints of honing her skills as a duelist and somehow maintaining a place among the city watch.

Treasured by her men as a capable leader and a stalwart fighter Commander van Haupt is recognized as minor nobility for her service to the city though within respectable circles her crude wit and rumored illiteracy mark her as forever one of the common folk. Those who deal with her know her to deal fairly and to uphold the law to its letter, taking faith in the law the way others do the Gods.

Like her rumored, and terribly likely illiteracy stories about Commander van Haupt tend to be simple, common and observable. From her tendency to spend entirely too much time in the company of women of the night to her storied violent streak when deep in cups.


Dona Salome van Haupt, Watch Commander

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