Dona Lamija Toranescu, Fellow Traveler

Icon of the Embassy of Ivory and Thorn.


Icon of the Embassy of Ivory and Thorn. Daughter of a Barovian noble family known for their shifter heritage, from an early age Dona Lamija displayed a talent for the wild magic of nature as well as little interest in the typical pursuits of nobility. After a youth spent travelling the wilds to the horror of her family, she returned to Ravenloft a taleted druidess, who recently rose to great heights thanks to her rescuing the Viscountess from an Unseelie plot to kidnap her.

Toranescu is somewhat brash and casual about her nature and powers, despite her ability to appear entirely normal. Powerful wild magic being at her disposal, few entirely wish to get close to her for very long, as she walks through the world like a force of nature. The Thresholders give her honors for reasons that are not entirely clear, and she has recently returned from a harrowing trip to Necropolis, one of the only living souls to have done so, and while it has changed her nature little, some see a difference in her eyes since.


Dona Lamija Toranescu, Fellow Traveler

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