Dame Morthause Corrigan, Strategos

Icon of the Bearers of the Standard.


Icon of the Bearers of the Standard. An old woman in her late seventies (though she looks younger) with a silvery crown braid and a thin smile, Morthause is considered the greatest living strategic mind in Ravenloft, having in her younger years been part of the General Staff of the Free Armies that defeated first Malocchio Adere, and then Vlad Drakov in the field.

Originally from the Oerthian land of Flanaess, this outworlder has always lived in conflict, but the last decades have been peaceful to her, and she has spent more time raising her family and training the next generation than considering war. However, she has stated openly her distaste for the current Viscountess, and some believe that despite her age Morthause harbors ambitions beyond simply service to the crown.


Dame Morthause Corrigan, Strategos

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