Carcera Ashmeddai, Headmistress

Icon of the Scholomance.


Icon of the Scholomance. Very young for a Magister Emeritus, Carcera Ashmeddai had to work hard for her current position as headmistress over the school proper. Choosing to use human minds more as her playground as opposed to fiends like her colleagues, she sees her position as a way to shape the future. Descended from the Thayans that once lived in Hazlan, she keeps that culture alive in her heart, though rejects much of what she sees as “frivolous” and “stupid”, such as their intense misogyny, which she has had to confront and defeat with her undeniable power among her more hoary fellows.

Carcera is thus a formidable figure, who now that she has taken control of the reins of the Scholomance, turns her attention towards considering how to handle its current phase. With her colleagues divided on how to handle matters such as the Blood War and the true meaning of their diabolism, she allows the academics to waste their time with that while she looks to more worldly matters, and in this, she looks to the more young generation of fellows among her own, especially outworlders.


Carcera Ashmeddai, Headmistress

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