Baron Ogre, Viceroy

Icon of the Parliament of Strangers.


Icon of the Parliament of Strangers. You might be surprised to find that one of the most illustrious Doyen of the Strangers is not even an outworlder himself, but he is certainly an exile in his own land. Properly Baron Oleg Batunin, he was a Barovian noble and caliban by birth, and nearly killed as an infant, but fate intervened to give his mother second thoughts, and so did he grow. Many assumed this degenerate body to also have a degenerate mind and soul, and Oleg proved them all wrong, using his family’s wealth to secure learning for himself, including at the nascent Berez University.

He became an eloquent speaker for the downtrodden, and a dogged defender of outsiders, a traitor to his class. Fifty years ago, when the Strangers took the Abbey of St. Markovia, he defended their case against the Viscount himself, embracing the title that had been used to demean him all his life, saying that he’d rather be in the company of monsters than men such as these. He continues to serve as an advisor and representative for his faction, as a Viceroy to the Outlanders on the Privy Council, a position given to him by the Viscountess’s father and resented by men such as Sandor Andrassy and Cardinal Savageau.


Baron Ogre, Viceroy

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