Auliverius Castellani, Almoner

Icon of the Society of Vecna.


Icon of the Society of Vecna. The undead nature of Castellani is something of an open secret, as he is fond of revealing it (as normally it is hidden behind powerful illusion magic) as private social functions to his friends — for a laugh, you see. He is engaged in a campaign of normalization, acclimating the nobility and privileged class to his nature, on behalf of his society, though other Bonepickers find his efforts somewhat controversial. Necromancy is not even his primary subject of study, though he recognizes the path he has taken as a metaphor for his own alchemy, and vice-versa. Nevertheless, outside the order he is seen as a eccentric fop with a scandalous secret and more money than sense, which he uses to leverage himself into people’s confidence by underestimation, and network on behalf of the Society’s philanthropic efforts.

Auliverius Castellani was born to an equestrian Darkonese family, rich enough to consider themselves higher than plebeians, not high born enough to be considered patrician. They had settled in Misericordia, where he took up alchemy as his craft long ago, and as a young man the Society found him and lured him in with their philosophy. A dilettante by nature, he never seemed to take it quite as seriously as the rest, at least on surface, but many have come to find that his genial nature is disarming by intention, and that he is quite aware of what he is doing at all times. How else could he have achieved that pinnacle of Ipsissimus?


Auliverius Castellani, Almoner

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