Annuska Ravadanci, Viscountess

Viscountess of Ravenloft.


Human noble, Viscountess of Ravenloft.
Born 955 BC, Ravadanci Estate, County of Ravenloft.

Though only nineteen years of age, Annuska has had to grow up fast. Her two older siblings died from illness, and her education started late as she was not expected to succeed her fellows. Little indeed is known about her, as she has stayed within the manor estates and castle of her family, detached from the goings on of her future fiefdom. Those who have had an audience with the Viscountess have found her a retiring personality with little to say, and that has led to some concern: Has the title gone to a soulless shell?

Though not yet betrothed, arrangements are constantly being attended to by the Camerlengo, Gabriel Savageau. It is unknown as of yet, so soon into her reign, whether she will have any great ambitions yet, but she represents a nadir of Ravadanci influence in Ravenloft, if nothing else, ceding much power not just to the Camerlengo, but also the Court Palatine, Sandor Andrassy. With few external allies, there does seem to be much chance for a change to the order of things in the near future for Annuska Ravadanci.

Other than of course the rumors that she is in fact soulless, there is also the rumor that she has begun to be tutored in witchcraft, like connected to the rumors of Andrassy’s own diabolism. It might also be connected to a desire to overcome her own lack of a creative spark, either engendered in her, or something from within.


Annuska Ravadanci, Viscountess

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