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Player's Handbook

Character Creation – Everything you need to know to create a character for Return to Ravenloft, from setting and background considerations to mechanics.

House Rules – Any rules changes, clarifications or additions specific to Return to Ravenloft will be posted here.

The Play is the Thing – Guidelines and rules of conduct for role-playing in Return to Ravenloft, as well as how to submit scenes for Experience.

Our Land of Mists

The Demiplane of Dread – Setting details and explanation for the campaign setting of our homebrewed Ravenloft campaign setting.

The City and County of Ravenloft – Our main setting, the City and County of Ravenloft, including the abandoned Castle it is built around.

 Factions and Organizations – Information about the ten factions that define the City of Ravenloft, as well as other organizations and player-created groups.

Main Page

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