Character Creation

Before you submit a character, please read the Code of Conduct.

Characters are created using a 27 point buy. Attributes start at 8, and the maximum Attribute is 15, before any and all applicable modifications. 

Attribute Point–Buy Calculator.

Characters begin play at 3rd Level, with 900 experience. HP is determined with the static increases, it is not rolled.

Characters begin play with the equipment provided by their Class and Background (which may be traded in at full value during character creation), plus the starting wealth by Class given below, which is based on the average for the rolls on PHB p. 143, multiplied by 2.

Artificer (240 GP), Barbarian (120 GP), Bard (300 GP), Cleric (300 GP), Druid (120 GP), Fighter (300 GP), Monk (30 GP), Paladin (300 GP), Pugilist (240 GP), Ranger (300 GP), Rogue (240 GP), Sorcerer (180 GP), Warlock (240 GP), Wizard (240 GP)

Characters may purchase any Common magic item, for 100 gp, both during character creation and in play. A Wizard can use this to purchase a 1st level spell scroll and transcribe it into their spellbook for 150 GP (or 125 if they have the proper Savant ability) for each spell transcribed in this way.

In addition to Common, you may start with one Regional language based on your point of origin, whether as a Resident or an Outworlder. If you aren't sure, ask! Having this language means you can communicate with others that know that language one-on-one, but everyone speaks Common.

Characters may purchase a tool or language proficiency for 250 gp at character creation. Obtaining further tools or languages requires using the Training option under Downtime Activities.

You can either choose from or roll from the provided Gothic Trinkets tables.

All characters may take a bonus Feat at character creation. The feats included in Unearthed Arcana: Feats are permitted for play. 

The spells included in Unearthed Arcana: Starter Spells are permitted for play. As with all playtest material, they may be changed or prohibited if they prove unbalancing.

Submission Instructions

Please use the D&D 5e Character Sheet under the Dynamic Style Sheets drop down menu to submit your character. Make sure to include the following:

  • Tag your character with the name of your Major Faction.
  • Ideal, Bond, Flaw, and a character backstory are required. The backstory should go in the box labeled Biography. (Note that the box labeled Description does not work with this template).
  • Indicate your character's lifestyle in the Description box and pay for a month of it.

Some notes on using the character sheet template:

  • Character sheets are visible to everyone. If there is information you wish to share with only the GMs, use the Add Player Secrets box to include it. Select your account name below it or you won't be able to see your own secret. The GMs will also be including rewards and faction information in that box.
  • For Expertise, include a second proficiency mod in the Misc. box.
  • Include any tool or vehicle proficiencies in the Traits & Proficiencies section along with your racial traits. Include your Background Feature in the same section.
  • When adding spells, the first +Add will provide a section for characters who only have levels 1-5 spells. The second +Add will provide a 1-9 spell section, and you can delete the first section.

Once it is finished, please let a DM know via the chat or a private message and they will take a look at it. They will follow up with you with any questions and then let you know when the character is sanctioned. After that, we would ask you to make a wiki page describing your character.

Players will be able to edit their own sheets as long as this privilege is not being abused. If you wish to convey a message to a GM on your sheet, use the Add Player Secret function.

Each player may have 4 characters of level 9 or below on their account. Once a character reaches level 10, the player may choose to submit a 5th character.

Character Creation

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