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  • Feat Wild Talent

    A modified version of the Dragon Marked feat.

    You have a magical talent that is derived from some Vistani curse, unusual heritage, bizarre training, or even psionics (if a outworlder from a realm such as …

  • Feat Vistani Blood

    Pre-requisite: Human, ghostwise halfling, half-elf, aasimar, tiefling, caliban, shifter or changeling.

    One of your parents was a Vistani, and gifted upon you some part of their power. This makes you in their culture a

  • Paladin Oath of Defiance

    The Oath of Defiance binds a paladin to resist tyranny and oppression with all their might. Sometimes called knights of the shadows, liberators, paladins of freedom, or cloaked knights, these paladins cannot respect the laws of the province in which …

  • Warlock Pact of the Gloom

    This pact option is an alternative to the Pacts of the Blade, Chain, Star Chain, or Tome. The Pact of the Gloom allows you to call upon the magical substance of shadow, said to have been infused into all things at the beginning of time, from pieces of …

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