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    Player's Handbook

    [[Character Creation]] - Everything you need to know to create a character for Return to Ravenloft, from setting and background considerations to mechanics.

    [[House Rules]] - Any rules changes, …

  • Classes

    All character classes and class options from the following books are permitted unless otherwise specified:

    • Player's Handbook (PHB) (For the Ranger, we are using the Revised version below)
    • Sword Coast Adventurer's …

  • Backgrounds

    When choosing a Background, and in general when designing your character, you should keep in mind whether your character is a native Resident, or a trapped Outworlder. Residents were born in the Realm of Mists, and are suffused with it Gothicism to …

  • Races

    For setting-specific information about each of the races, see [[Residents of Ravenloft]].

    Races Native to Ravenloft

    • Aasimar - VGM, pg. 104 (PCs may not begin play as Fallen Aasimar)
    • Calibans …

  • Outworlder Origins

    The following worlds are currently allowed for the use in the backstory and Origin of Outworlder PCs. You can also come up with something unique, but you should speak to a Dungeon Master first before you do that since it will need to line up with our …

  • Character Creation

    Before you submit a character, please read the [[Code of Conduct]].

    • [[Races]]
    • [[Classes]]
    • [[Backgrounds]]
    • [[Outworlder Origins]]
    • [[Alignment]]
    • [[Gothic Trinkets]]
    • [[ …

  • Alignment

    We are allowing characters from all alignments on this chat, but everyone is expected to be a hero. You may become a villain, but at that point you will be asked to retire your character and become a NPC if you have truly embraced that …

  • Gothic Trinkets

    When you create your character, as a bit of flavor you can choose from any of the following lists (or roll a d100/d20) if you prefer a Gothic-themed trinket for your character to start with. We would be happy to take note of it, and build on it as a …

  • Published Materials

    All of the following books and supplements are in use for this game. New publications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Unearthed Arcana articles are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and noted in the relevant post.

    • Player' …

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