Return to Ravenloft

Epistles to Home
A way to tell your character's story in epistolary format.

In our Return to Ravenloft campaign, we want to introduce the epistolary into the game as a means of telling a story, as it is so often used in Gothic fiction. This forum is for use in creating these epistolary stories in conjunction with your role-playing on the chat and on adventures. Diary entries, journals, and of course letters, to NPCs and PCs both, qualify. The Lamplighters introduced the printing press, so pamphlets, newsletters, and clippings can be used as well. There's even an enterprising tinker gnome from Krynn named Gaterwondak Wegrecks that is trying to master what he calls a "telegram" though he has not yet had much success…

See Correspondence in Ravenloft for more information.

Simply make a new adventure log post, with a title describing the epistolary vignette in question, such as "Letter to Viscountess Annuska" or "Diary Entry, Dated 17 Fervidor". Tag it with your character's name, so that it is easy to find all of an individual's posts. We recommend this especially as a way to reference and refer to information gained on adventures, and to help everyone share in your character's story! To qualify for XP, your epistolary post needs to have at least 300 words, and you cannot gain more than 100 XP per PC per day this way.

When you have made your post, please enter it on the form below. This will make tracking EPXP easier on the DM staff.

Epistle Submissions

You may track pending EPXP on the following sheet. Processed submissions will be organized in a tab by month/year.

Submitted Epistles

If you have any questions about this process, please contact DM Cherry.

Hymns and Prayers to the Morninglord
Part I: Prayers of Dawn

Morning Praise
Beloved Dawnbringer, I thank you for this new day,
filled as ever with Your light and love.
Guide me to use it wisely in Your service,
keeping my steps on the sacred path,
which You illuminate so clearly for those who will but open their eyes.

Guide me to those who need my help,
whether in word or deed.
Grant us the courage and patience to give aid,
to end misery and pain and to seek and stamp out the evil of this world.
Let each act be undertaken in Your Name and be the herald of a new beginning. 

Greeting of Dawn
For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.


Salutation to the Dawn
Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn! Look to this Day! For it is Life, the very Life of Life. In its brief course lie all the Verities and realities of your Existence. The Bliss of Growth, The Glory of Action, The Splendor of Beauty; For Yesterday is but a Dream, And Tomorrow is only a Vision; But Today well lived makes Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness, And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope. Look well therefore to this Day! Such is the Salutation of the Dawn!
Morninglord Prayer to the Dawn
Mighty Morninglord, your light is born for us and the dawn is given to us. 
Your eternal Word leaped down from heaven in the silent watches of the night, 
and now your Church is filled with wonder at the nearness of the light. 
Open our hearts to receive your light and increase our vision with the rising of the dawn, 
that our lives may be filled with your glory and peace.


Hymns and Prayers to the Morninglord
Part II: Prayers of Dawn, continued

A Dawn Prayer
The sun washes over the Land
And the remainder of the Night is gone
As if in greeting It caresses us with his Warm Hand,
And the song of Hopes blends with the Morning breeze with the refrain of the New Dawn.

Morning Sun awake from Night
Morning Sun awake from night
Blessing from Your Power’s might
The corner of my bed holds tight
Wishing to keep out the light
But where glory’s providence be
Let me be held by rays of Thee.
Fly away stars, wishing is gone
Prayer is might, ever so strong
The break of dawn brings the day
When the clouds are cascaded away
Let not one tremble of fear be shown
The warmth of Your light prevails: chill, “BE GONE!”
Happiness shall reign with thee
All sovereign above the trees.

Morning Has Broken
Morning has broken
Like the first morning,
Blackbird has spoken
Like the first bird.
Praise for the singing!
Praise for the morning!
Praise for them, springing
Fresh from the Word!

Sweet the rains new fall
Sunlit from heaven,
Like the first dew fall
On the first grass.
Praise for the sweetness
Of the wet garden,
Sprung in completeness
Where His feet Pass.

Mine is the sunlight!
Mine is the morning,
Born of the one light
Martyn saw play!
Praise with elation,
Praise every morning,
Morninglords re – creation
Of the new day!

Song of Dawn
Dawn approaches, lift your eyes,
look above to light-streaked skies.
Raise your hands in thanks and praise,
to greet the new day's first sunrays.

Praise The Dawnbringer, show your love,
give your thanks that up above
He banishes darkness for our sake,
that we in love His hand will take.

Warming, cheering, cleansing light,
spreading slowly, spreading bright,
we take heart from each new morn,
Thank the Morninglord for for this dawn.

Hymns and Prayers to the Morninglord
Part III: Prayers for Dusk & Birth and Death

Sunset Prayer
Oh Morninglord, hear my thanks at the setting of the sun,
for you have bathed me in Your Glorious Light
since the day began,
and given me the will and strength to do Your bidding.

Forgive me for my shortcomings as I humbly ask
that You remain with me through the coming night,
watching over me in the hours of darkness
that I may wake refreshed with hope and courage
to begin Your work anew in the dawn to come.

Nevermore Night Adoration
For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

Nevermore Night Supplication
Grant me, O Morninglord, a mind to know you,
A heart to seek you,
Wisdom to find you,
Conduct pleasing to you,
Faithful perseverance in toiling for you,
And a hope of finally embracing you.

Prayer for Birth
Bringer of the Dawn and of Life itself, bless this new Life as it enters this World. Guard this new Life as it begins its journey under your bright Sun. Guide this Life as it walks in your Warmth and Light from this day forth.

Death Prayer
O Dawn master, support this soul in her last hour by the strong arms of Thy Brightness and the fragrance of Thy consolations. Let Thy Shining Mercy pour over her and let Thy own body be her food, and Thy blood her sprinkling; and let Thy glorious Chanticleer and our own dear patrons smile on me, that in and through them all she may die as we desire to live, in Thy Arms, in Thy faith and in Thy love.

Hymns and Prayers to the Morninglord
Part IV: Prayers of Slaying

Slayer's Prayer
Lord of the Morning, 
Savior of the Light,
Hear me, I beg.
I kneel before thee, 
here in Your Home, 
Light on my Face, and Fire in my heart,
I do not Squint looking straight at the the Sun,
I am not blinded by fear, 

Oh Morninglord, show Me Your Light,
Guide My Stake!
Shine my Path!
Help me Cleanse the Darkness in their Hearts,
So They May See a New Dawn,
For in the Dawn there is Life again,
For in the Dawn beauty reigns 
And the Way is clearer,
for it dispels uncertainty, 
fostering the hope of renewal. 
It quells fear and its darkness recoils; 
For the Morninglord's radiance has come home once more.

Praise the Dawn!

Prayer against Undead
Morninglord, Watcher of the Dawn, Lord of Life, grant me your beacon of holy Sun and turn these wretched abominations from your Light!
Demon of darkness! In the name of the Morninglord, I command you to leave this place!

Praise of High Sun
Oh Morninglord,
I offer thanks for keeping me safe throughout the morning hours, and as the sun rises high at this midday hour I thank You for Your unfaltering light and unwavering love.

Grant me the strength to see the rest of this day to a safe conclusion, giving power to my voice that I may sing Your Praises, and potency to my weapon that I may vanquish Our enemies in Your Name.

Prayer of Slaying
Loving Father. Wise Uncle. Protective Guardian. Font of Wisdom. Morning Dawn.


A prayer for the unrighteous. 
A prayer for the sinners. 
A prayer for men with dark hearts. 
A prayer for men with dark souls. 
A prayer for the unrepentant. 
A prayer for every soul which laments it's fate in the Shadows of Death. 
A prayer for the damned.

May they Find Forgiveness in Your Light,

Oh Morninglord, hear my prayer. 
I condemn this abomination! 
This creature of the Undeath, 

Oh Morninglord, in your Name, 
A New Dawn comes, 
From Ashes to Dust, 
From death, to life, 
My stake, it will Lay the Drinker to Eternal rest.

Praise the New Dawn!

Hymns and Prayers to the Morninglord
Part V: Nevermore prayers

Reflection Prayer
The tide of the Night and darkness sway and corrupts; false impressions spread; appearing as reality for those that do not Walk the Light.
The fog is thick; it easily sticks and becomes comparable to Lake Zarovich's murky waters,
Confusion misleads from the truth, a deterrent from reality causing unnecessary stumbling blocks in the road.
The darkness tries to put out the light but your Light oh Morninglord, shines bright in the darkest night.
Thank You Morninglord. 
You are victorious! 
You will not fail us as your plan will be accomplished no matter what the circumstance.

Though darkness travels, it will fail. 
Your Light oh Bringer of Dawn, it will sail.
The immediate is seen, the future unseen, differences in between; all is in your hands, Oh Morninglord. 
Thank You for Your Love and Grace,
Thank You for Your Hope and Succor,
Nothing compares to You. 
Your will shall be done.
In Your Name, 

Praise the Dawn!

A Shining Path
Shine Your light where my foot will tread,
to wake me when my eyes take rest,
light the way for sword and heart
to follow where You think is best -

Lend me Your strength in times of need;
in darkness, with my heart in chains -
Your light still shines across the sea
and I forget my earthly pains.

Prayer for Sun
Oh Morninglord,
Shine Your light where my foot will tread,
to wake me when my eyes take rest,
light the way for sword and heart
to follow where You think is best -

Lend me Your strength in times of need;
in darkness, with my heart in chains -
Your light still shines across the lake
and I forget my earthly pains.

Nevermore Night Adoration
For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

Nevermore Night Supplication
Grant me, O Morninglord, a mind to know you,
A heart to seek you,
Wisdom to find you,
Conduct pleasing to you,
Faithful perseverance in toiling for you,
And a hope of finally embracing you.

Hymns and Prayers to the Morninglord
Part VI: Healing Prayers & In Your Name

Glorious Lord of the Morn, Bringer of the Dawn, you shine brightly for your gifts of warmth and sunlight. Please give of your warmth to aid this body and renew its health. I humbly ask for you to cure the ills that afflict this body.

Ritual Of Smearing
In the name of the Lord of Dawn, the Fountain of Hope, the Giver of Joy, the Master of Mercy…..
And by the power of the aqua vitae donated by all those present, faithful servants of thy Glory….
O glorious Morninglord, Giver of Dawn and Hope….
We humbly ask you, release your healing energies on this young woman, so that her Hope may not be lost….
For even after the darkest of Nights, the Dawn shall come….
Thy Lips be Cleansed!
[touch the blood smeared statuette on the afflicted's wound]
Blessed be the DAWN!

For such is is thy Glory, to allow our meager sacrifice to infuse Hope anew!
Let the blood of the Corrupt, the Taint of Lycanthropy, the Scourge of Humanity begone!

In Your Name…
We stretch our hands towards you and pray that you may grant us your goodness, your love and your warmth. Lead us, your people, towards harmony, beauty and progress as you have always done. Let bloom in us love and creativity, hope and harmony – and let us not be corrupted by your abundance but take delight in giving. Give us the ability to see good in evil as clearly as we now look upon your holy dawn. Help us to help our like minded and all who believe in you.
'In this day i give to you my mind, my heart, my thought and body and pray that through me you will bring goodness love and and warmth to all good creatures.

Morninglord. With my eyes I see your holy sunrise.
Morninglord. With my hands I sense your merciful warmth.
Morninglord. With my heart I feel your eternal love.

Book of Ezra
The First

In the time before, in a land cloaked in Mists, there was a woman, and She was Ezra.
Ezra was a healer of the sick and protector of the weak. Such was Her lot in life. Such was Her role in the grand scheme. Ezra took pride in the role Fate had given Her. Her duty was Her joy.
For many years, Ezra healed the lame and watched over Her people. Yet as time went on, Ezra began to see the Hollow. From the Mists of Death came horrors of the night. They were the drinker of blood and the stealer of breath and the beast that rends. Many were their legions. Many were the roles played by darkness in the Grand Scheme.
Ezra knew that Death would come for Her, as it comes to all in time. When Ezra entered the Gray Land, there would be no guardian to fill Her role. There would be no one to stand between Her people and the Legions of the Night.
Ezra set forth on a quest to find a guardian for Her people. She sought the One Pure Heart who would assume Her role. Ezra sought for the One Pure Heart in many lands, but ever did She seek in vain.
In time, Her quest brought Ezra to the end of all things. Behind Ezra stretched all the lands of the world. Before Ezra rose only the Mists of Death.
Ezra spoke to the Mists. Asked She, “The world is yours. You set its shape. Why do you allow its people to wander, lost and afraid?” But the Mists did not answer.
Again Ezra spoke. “Why have you filled your world with the Legions of the Night?” Yet the Mists would not answer.
A third time did Ezra speak. “All things have their role in the Grand Scheme. The Legions of the Night have their place, but Guardians and Guides have their roles in turn.” Still the Mists offered no reply.
Ezra spoke once more. “I have searched all the vastness of your lands, but I have found no Guardians for My people. I have found no Guides for the lost.” Again the Mists were silent.
For the last time did Ezra speak. “You have failed the Grand Scheme. You have created a Hollow that must be filled. If you will not watch over your people, then that task falls to me.” Upon the fifth entreaty did the Mists of Death reply.
From the Mists came a Voice, and the Voice spoke, saying, “Turn back, Mortal. You know nothing of the Grand Scheme. You know nothing of the Mists. You have reached the end of Your world. Continue and You shall find only Your destruction, nothing more.”
Yet Ezra held fast against the Mists, saying, “You cannot bid Me enter, yet I cannot turn away. I offer Myself to you so that you may know the suffering of My People. If I must be destroyed for them, then that is what must be.” The Mists of Death fell silent.
Then the Voice spoke once more. “Enter the Mists if You must, Mortal, but not as You are. Your kind has no place here. To enter the Mists, You must become as one with the Mists. Never again shall You leave them. Will You forever sacrifice Yourself to watch over these few mortals?”
Spoke Ezra, “Such is My role in the Grand Scheme. So must it be.” And with these words did Ezra become Our Guardian in the Mists.
-The Book of Ezra, I:i-xv.

Book of Ezra 2
The Second

Spoke Ezra, “Such is the role I have chosen in the grand scheme. Such is what I must I do.”
And with those words did Ezra become our guardian in the Mists.
From her place in the Mists of Death, Ezra looked down upon the mortals of the world, and she extended her hand to fill the hollow.
But the Mists would not part. Again a voice came from the Mist, saying, “foolish one, you still know nothing of the grand scheme. The hollow belongs to the Mist alone. It is their creation. You shall not spoil what they have wrought.”
Ezra spoke, saying, “the Mist have wrought nothing but sorrow. It is my role to succor the suffering of my people. What is to become of my place in the grand scheme if the Mist cannot bid me act? what shall become of the pure of heart, if they have no guardian in the Mist?”
Answered the voice, “You may have those who choose to have you, and those only. If they be pure of heart, then so shall it be.”
Ezra spoke again, asking, “And what of the legions of the night? What of the drinker of blood, and the stealer of breath, and the beast that rends? What of the horrors who would steal the pure of heart and add them to their legions?”
The voice replied, “The legions of the night belong to the Mist, not to you. Should mortals join the legions of the night, then that is the role they have chosen in the grand scheme. They were never among your pure of heart.”
Ezra accepted this, saying, “So shall it be. But if the legions of the night can be brought out of the darkness, then that is the role they have chosen in the grand scheme, and they shall stand in your legions no more.”
The Mists of Death were silent.
Ezra then gathered up the pure of heart, naming them her anchorites. It would be their role in the grand scheme to guide the legions of the night back into the light.
As Ezra shall give succor to her anchorites, her anchorites shall give succor to the faithful. The faithful shall spread Ezra’s love to all the world, pushing back the darkness. When the legions of the night stand empty, the hollow shall be filled. Such is the grand scheme.
-The Books of Ezra, II, xx.–xxxi.

Book of Ezra
The Third

In the time before, there was a goddess, and she was Erza. Erza looked down upon the world of mortals, and she saw that the world was well-tended by the gods.
But then Erza’s eyes fell upon the hollow. She looked deep into the hollow, and saw a place abandoned by the gods, its people left to suffer alone.
Erza asked her divine brethren, “Why has this place been forgotten? Why have you for¬saken its people?” But the gods did not answer.
Again Erza spoke, saying, “We are the guides and guardians of mortals. Such is our role in the grand scheme. It is not right that these mortals be abandoned so.” Again the gods gave no reply.
Erza spoke for a third time. “It is not right that these mortals be left to suffer. If you will not watch over your people, then must I.”
Thus Erza left the realm of the gods. Her divine brethren watched her leave in silence. Erza descended to the hollow, but before she could enter, the Mists of Death rose up to block her path.
From the Mists came a voice, and the voice spoke, saying, “Turn back, goddess. This place is not for you. This place is for the Mists alone.”
Yet Erza held fast, saying, “I cannot allow your people to suffer alone. It is my place to protect them.”
Again the voice spoke, warning, “Take heed, goddess. Your kind have no place in the hollow. Enter and you shall find only your destruction, nothing more.”
Yet Erza stood firm against the Mists, say¬ing, “You cannot bid me enter, yet i cannot turn away. I cannot allow your people to suffer alone. If i must be destroyed, then that is what must be.”
Upon her fifth entreaty the voice spoke once more. “Enter the Mists if you must, goddess, but not as you are. To enter the Mists, you must become as one with the Mists. You must cease to be, your name forgotten in all other places. You shall never return to your brethren. Will you sacrifice all this for these few mortals?’
Spoke Erza, “Such is my role in the grand scheme. So must it be.”
And with those words Erza joined the Mists. Her name became known to those in the hollow, and lost to all others.
-The Books of Ezra, III, i–xiv.


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