Return to Ravenloft

To the Standard Bearers.

Following the events of "The Tragedies of Traiglen pt 2"

Dear Abbess Helena:

It pleases me to inform that the trading caravans may feel slightly safer as they traverse the shadowed paths of the Old Slavitch road. I have kept a vigilant eye for notices concerning the surrounding region of Traiglen in order to offer the region the aid I've promised. A group comprised of myself and a few sell-swords caught wind of such a notice, as a Red Vardos caravan went missing in your neck of the woods. We followed the missing caravan's path, until it deviated and came before the scene of a bloody struggle. We would later learn that none of the traders survived, from the mouth of another maddened marauder, leading a band of ruffians likening themselves as the "Sons of the Devil". They had surrounded us at the cover of night and demanded one of us to remain for ransom, as the wheat they pillaged wasn't to their liking. After a few moments in which we appeared to submit to their demands, a melee erupted, their leader was catapulted from his mount by well placed bolts from Varena, and we used the men who tried to gather our weaponry and armors as shields from their ranged fellows, whom I promptly blessed with our Lord's radiance. We made short work of most of them and by the Grace of the Dawn-Master, managed to subjugate their leader and another henchman. They've been promptly delivered to the proper authorities in order to attain their confession and, Morninglord willing, the location of Dasha and the rest of her minions. I'll remain so vigilant to further developments.

Yours in the faith of our Glorious Lord, Friar Aleksei Barthos.

To the Standard Bearers of the County of Ravenloft:

Forwarded with this letter is one from a fellow friar of our Cult that you should consider keeping in high regard.

Abbess Helena Myrwood, Parrish of Traiglen.



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