Return to Ravenloft

To the Order of the Dragon

Slayer Tavish mac Intyre, 

I am happy to report that the beast that had been plaguing road to Orasnou Village has been put to rest. Your clients and other merchants can rest assured that the beast will not trouble you once more. 

As you know, several mercenaries were recruited to help resolve the issue. There was Nihil, an uncivilized outlander with a bloodthirsty streak. Opposite of his personality, there was Hannelore von Richten, who despite her surname, is more of a pacifist intellectual, then a beast hunter – though occasionally she fights. Three of the morning cultists headed the call: Aleksei Barthos, a warrior; Aurora Dunkelheit, an outlander cleric; and Lavinia Garvinski, an undefined creature. Sometimes a meek shell, other times a stubborn winged beast, Lavinia was perhaps the strangest of them all.

The group of us made our way to the town. On the way, we were ambushed by a group of bandits, but we made quick work of them. Unfortunately none of them survived for questioning. 

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a man named Grigori, who was owner of the local tavern. He told us that two of his hunters, Laslo and Alina had been sent down to collect furs. Unfortunately, neither of them returned according to him. We rested that night and then set out our search party the next day.

We made our way through the forests where we came upon the corpse of Laslo. It had been mangled and clawed by some beast. Some elvish outlanders arrived shortly thereafter, begging for food. We gave them some and then told them to seek shelter back in town. Before leaving, they were able to tell us that Alina had killed Lazlo. Their story, which was corroborated by our own findings later, was that Alina was able to transform into a silver wolf. 

Alina was cursed. Alina was a werewolf.

We tracked Alina down even as a winter storm came down upon us. We found the cave she was residing in. Her journal corroborated the story the elves told us. Based on her writings, Alina was completely twisted into madness. We moved deeper into the cave and found Alina. She transformed into a beast right before our very eyes. Aleksei smashed the beast's skull with his hammer and then I drove my silvered sword into her heart.

Never again will she trouble the townspeople again.

When we returned to town, the Morningcult took custody of a silver wolf pup that had showed up at Grigori's home. Upon reason and suspicion, it is possible the pup might be the child of Alina, who had been pregnant before the night she killed Lazlo, and had clearly given birth when we ended her. I studied the wolf pup and do not believe it is afflicted. However, it is safer for it to be in the hands of clergy then the townspeople. 

One more thing to add. According to Grigori, Alina had family up in the mountains. It is possible that they too may be afflicted. I would avoid the mountain trails unless you are well armed with silver, and well paid in gold.





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