Return to Ravenloft

To the Bearers of the Standard

Honored Dame Morthause Corrigan, Strategos,

I am writing to report that Old Slavich Road has been made safer. The Red Vargos had approached myself and a team of elite mercenaries to investigate the whereabouts of a missing caravan. I led the team down the road and I discovered a path into the woods, where the caravan had apparently gone. We followed the path to the remains of the caravan. In short time, we were surrounded a by a group of brigands, calling themselves the Devil's Sons.

My own understanding of history and lore and has led me to believe their name may connected to Count Strahd and/or a hamlet in the nearby location.  For a bit of time, I attempted to parlay with them to obtain as much information from them. Their sanity was at best questionable, but my observations and others in my team have led us to suspect that they may have a cultish obsession with the vampiric.  There may be some connection here with the events at Traiglen, but at this point we have very little information to go off of. 

The parlay was broken by our own ambush – as hidden members of our group led the counter-attack. In the chaos that followed, our group did not falter in resolve or discipline. Cunning tactics were used and absolute professionalism was maintained. In the end, we managed to capture their leader and one more henchman, with barely any injuries to our own team. The captured prisoners were brought back to Ravenloft for justice. The dead were cremated, just in case they were indeed cursed to rise from the dead. 

Today was a victory for law and order. But if there is a broader conspiracy at work that connects these events with Traiglen, our work remains unfinished. I hope that the authorities were able to glean more details in the interrogations that followed. Please, keep me apprised if you find out they do. I would very much like to follow up on this in the future if possible. 

The team that I led to victory consisted of: Aneeta Stefna, Aleksei Barthos, Nimira Iorga, Varena Moller, Amber, and Autumn.  I would recommend them for any future work the Bearers of the Standard need. 

Bonded in blood,

- "V"


Honored Dame Morthause Corrigan, Strategos,

I am writing to report that I have successfully prevented a plague of undead upon the city, but the perpetrator remains at large.

The Night Watch hired Varena Moller, Tenebria Corva, and myself to accompany their Watchwoman Mina Vadich as she investigated the disappearance of Night Watch patrol. Upon arrival, she was quickly able to ascertain a larger presence of undead near Beggar’s nest and a smaller presence of undead by the nobles section of the graveyard. Following the trail of the missing patrol we headed to the Beggar’s nest section.

On arrival, we encountered a skeleton painting runes around the graveyard. Upon investigation, I surmised that it was painting the symbol of the demon lord Orcus. It was sanctifying the grounds as part of a ritual to bring the entire graveyard and all its souls into Orcus’s control. Judging by its work, it seemed to be 25% near completion.

We didn’t have much time. Quickly we acted, striking down the skeleton, only to be attacked by two more waves of undead. By the end of the battle, we’d killed 2 skeletons, 4 zombies, and 2 ghouls, clearing the Beggar’s nest section of its undead.

We destroyed the unholy symbols and left to confront the undead in the noble’s section. However, upon arrival, it became clear that the undead escaped into the sewers. The perpetrator of these dangerous acts remains at large.

While today was a victory for the city, I believe this matter to be a priority for the Bearers of the Standard to investigate further. We should assemble a larger posse and track down those who threaten our city.

I await your orders.

Bonded in blood,

- “V”

To the Bearers of the Standard

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