Return to Ravenloft

The sorrow fate of the Beast - report to the Parliament of Strangers

Esteemed Strangers

My heart fills with joy to greet the coming of six strangers, lest darker thoughts prevail when we remember the homes we left behind. These six are newly arrivals from a land called 'Toril', more specifically a place called the Quivering Forest, in Phan. Their leader is the wizard Aya Glenmiir, and all of them are skilled hunters. For now they have taken residence in the Orasnou Village, where weird events took place.

This Village is ruled by Burgomaster Ivan Radovich, but the heart and soul is the owner of the Hare & Hair, Gregori Wurlbach. He was most worried that his two senior hunters, Alina and Laszlo Vaduva, were late on returning, with winter storms fast approaching and her pregnant the risk of tragedy was high, so he greeted us with open arms, foremost when we noted our intentions to find the missing hunters. 

We followed one of the hunting tracks, and came upon the strangest thing.  Their wagon was immobilized in a most unusual manner, a tree grew around it. I know there are followers of the Old Ways that have impressive command of the animals and trees, but never did I witness anyone, or anything, that could manipulated them in such a spectacular, and permanent way.

We expanded our area of search and found another campsite. There we found a corpse, Laszlo's, brutalized by a beast.  Of his wife there was no sign. We found only wolf tracks leaving the campsite, twice the size of a regular wolf. And a silver dagger. Oh, we had the same reaction as each of you, we all heard some version of  Van Ritchen's tales. Werewolf. If only it was that simple.

It was then that we met Aya and hers. They could have been hungry and ill prepared for the incoming cold, but they never abandoned the nobility that so marks their kind. They were tracking the 'Massive' silver wolf, and where others would see terror, they only saw dinner. We shared what we could, in food and vestment, knowing fate would see that we meet again.

The storm came, and we were forced inside the Wolves Den. Empty, but not for long. We could hear the baying wolves, before they arrived. A Immense Wolf, and a gorgeous silver haired woman. Yes, she became the giant Silver Wolf, I suppose Magus Aya will never be happier of missing a prey. It is a shame her curse made her so powerful, we had no option but end her life.

Of special note, the very elements seemed to answer her call. When she became a wolf an unnatural cold came blizzarding inside the Den, only the grace of the Morning Lord saved us from freezing before her threat was done. Was it under her command?  we will never know, but I can tell you this: the woods around Orasnou Village are a strange place indeed.

Regardless, let us meet Aya and her compatriots, and make sure she has everything she needs.

Your friend in all times,





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