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The sorrow fate of the Beast - report to the Cult of the Morning Lord

Scene report for The Beast

Holy father, we wait for the incoming Dawn.

It was with humility that three of your flock gathered to attend the Red Vargo's cry for help. They might be people of great wealth, but this particular case involved their dealings with the Orasnou Village, a poor settlement North West of the City that lives mostly out of pelts trade with the Company. Your faithful that attended to the call was Friar Aleksei Barthos, Sister Lavinia Garvinski and Novitiate Aurora Dunkelheit. Also attend to the Red Vargo's call were a mysterious destitute noble that goes only by the moniker 'V', a madman that goes by the name 'Nihil', and Hannelore van Ritchen,r elated to the famous monster hunter, a studious woman of great talent and dedication.

On our way to the Orasnou Village we did set upon a small handful of bandits, who tried to ambush our larger numbers. Their con was abusing our willingness to help to put us at disadvantage, but thankfully their ploy wasn't enough to seriously hurt our number advantage. They were four, but none of them survived.  It is very likely they were part of a larger group, future travelers to Orasnou Village should be wary.

In the village we met Gregori Wurlbach, owner of the Hare & Hair, and usually the point contact with the Red Vargo Company. I was most impressed by this man, he was warm and welcoming. His Nephew, Callum Falinescu, was usually the one who collected the furs, but he suffered a grave injury and was unable to make the rounds. Instead they appealed to Laszlo and Alina Vaduva, two experienced outdoorsman and hunters, even if Alina was heavy with child. As she was expected to deliver soon, it was only natural to fear for the worse. The Morning Lord healed Callum's wounds overnight.

We set in the morning to find the Vaduva, but we were too late. We found many wyrd signs on the way, most of which I cant explain. But Alina was cursed by lycanthropy, that much is clear, and killed her husband after he struck her with silver. This was witnessed by Nim'il, an elf, part of a group I will describe below. We were forced to take shelter on their Den once the weather drew too dire, and when we met her and a Dire Wolf companion, there was no room for talk. Despite the efforts of Hannelore to simply subdue our lupine opponents, Alina died in the combat. Sister Lavinia prayed for her departed soul.

We found her diary, and it made clear she had delivered. She left her child, a pup, to be raised by the Wurlbach, and intended to never return. It grieves my heart still the fate she suffered. Even if strange, the two of them could still enjoy a fruitful life. 

I mentioned Nim'il. he was part of a group of six elves we met in the woods, outworlders recently arrived, but able hunters as is often the case with surface elves. They were awfully unprepared for the weather to come, but kindness prevailed in the group and the furs we recovered were lent to the elves, as well as directions given to the trail that lead to Orasnou Village. They reached an agreement with Gregori, and there is Hope the settlement will continue to survive in days to come.

My heart grieves the loss of life, but in retrospect I cant help but nourish the idea of visiting the Orasnou time and again. Even if distant and few in number, it is my belief they live in a manner true to the Morning Lord's teachings. Perhaps wiser minds than my own would find it good to visit it regularly, from now on.

I would be remiss if I finished this letter without noting the Nobleman, V, is unreasonably wary of our  motives, and often try to portrait the actions of your faithful in less than favorable light. He does have a rivalry of sorts with Friar Aleksei, even if there is no real comparison between the swordsmanship of the two of them.

Humbly in the service of the Lord,
Aurora Dunkelheit.



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