Return to Ravenloft

Letter to Claritta Moller

Correspondence of Varena Moller

To my dear little Sister,
I hope my letter finds you well, Smudge. Please give my love to Mother and Father. And Camil, Linard and and Guilia as well when you next you see them. I was very happy to read in your last letter that your painting was starting to really come together. I always knew you were gifted with the brush and am glad you stuck with it. Mind that interested gentleman you mentioned though, it sounds like his interest may be more about your attributes instead of your work's. Although if you are interested in his attributes also then that may go quite well for you.

I have had an interesting time in Ravenloft so far. The city is like a big, crass version of Ludendorf which is also warmer, damper and louder. The Pale Rose Company provided me some contacts to get work from here, things like guarding merchants and property but enough to live well. They also got me an introduction to the Bearers of the Standard who are very influential in the city and we will see how that goes. I am renting the top floor of a rowhouse within view of the Lightning Rail station. It's less than half as large as our home but I do not have to share it with half a dozen others so it feels much larger. Somewhat lonely even, so I am considering advertising for a lodger so that I have some company.

On that note I have seen so many outlandish outworlder faces here that the furtive barovian natives are actually relieved to see simple foreigners like me. In fact while searching for a missing trade caravan I found myself working with not one but two people who looked half-human and half-cat, I think they were sisters. Yes that sounds like fancy but I tell you it is the honest truth. Six feet tall, long powerful claws and bodies covered entirely with the softest looking orange and black fur. At least I believe it covers their entire body, they wore thick cloaks and lots of cloths to keep themselves hidden most of the time. I got to talking with one of them when we made camp, she called herself Ten Thousand Autumn Nights, and I asked if the fur preserved their modesty underneath. She declined to answer.

That is all for now. I will write some more when I have new things to say and I look forward to your reply.
Your loving older sister, Boots



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