Return to Ravenloft

Letter to Boss

This is about the damned vampires


Red Vardos caravan disappeared. Took your advice, took job to find it. Only Guild Member there, that should show some moxie. Question: if Red Vardos so important, why is a thug like me the only one that did this?

Followed trail out of the city, found tracks leading off the road, down hunting paths. That’s when shit went wrong- was suspecting inside job after Employer Greis didn’t want to give up caravan contents. Found out from bandit (The Devil’s Sons) it was papers and grain. Useless to them. Wonder what those papers said? Could not find. 

Devil’s Sons were mad when faced. All like animals and cult-y. Talked about dying and rising again and consuming. Rude. Seen better brawls on the street. They like to sneak up, the rats. Probably under influence of vampire. Fake sharp teeth, cultish devotion to mistress, wanting to take us alive for her, the whole bit. Figure they lost their minds to this girl. Was unable to find her- group returned with boss of the party we found- probably with Guard or Vardos. He’s not important— he’s small fry. The real prize is out there- his mistress, and the papers the Red Vardos didn’t want us to know about. 

Another Question: Red Vardos powerful enough that only crazy vampire people dare cross them I guess? Makes me wonder if vampire girl knows more than we know. If we can get in contact, might lead to something big. Wonder how old she is. 

Suggest mounting search. Find this lair— perhaps be stealthy? Allow capture, be led to lair, attack, profit? Find papers, find what is left of caravan if possible. Probably blackmail material. Warning: Caravan guards might be crazy vampire thralls now. Proceed with caution. 

All I could find. At least I got paid. 




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