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A letter marked with a flame

By Amber and Autumn

Dear Mr. Sala (or are we supposed to call you the Last Oracle?) To whom which it may most concern,

I overheard a thing about a missing caravan, so I said to Autumn that we should go check it out. They wanted people to go find it. That’s what you want us to do, right? Check into problems.

She heard two men talking about a missing Red Vargo caravan and that there was a group forming to investigate. We chose to accept the contract along with a group of adventurers.

Right. But we were smart about it. Listened to them and stuff. Wore our cloaks. And don’t listen to anything you hear about a broken market stall, okay?

Disguised, we accompanied the group and investigated the caravan’s disappearance. We followed its trail north by east, towards Traiglen.

Right. Autumn kept getting distracted by found my watch to be most curious though. Maybe you should give her one of her own. This one’s mine.

Indeed, I could find much… use, in such a device. However -

(The paper looks a little crumpled here, with a hole in it from something that looks suspiciously like a claw.)


She’s just jealous that I have one and she doesn’t most curious of my swinging, shining wonder timepiece. But anyway, we followed the people and the trail until we found where the caravan had gone off the road. Everyone seemed very worried by this.

There was charring created by unknown magical origins. Nearby, beneath brush, a body I FOUND IT was also found in similar condition – burned beyond recognition.

It smelled really bad and I didn’t like it. But the others seemed pleased it had been found. It was in a four-day state of decomposition. They said something about it having been burned after death which is weird, because why would you do -———-

(The page appears to be torn and carefully glued back together here with alchemical solvent)


We found a trail from the body that led further into the woods, and so precariously did the naked-skinned two-walkers follow. Therein was a group ready to ambush the fuzzy-topped creatures. As they were forced to disarm themselves, Amber and I crept back into the woodline and disappeared as shadows do within evening’s dark.

Actually I climbed a tree. And it’s Autumn’s fault that the letter smells like glue now. I snuck through the trees all careful-like and got over one of the pinkskins with a crossbow and then when the other people refused to surrender I POUNCED! we struck our prey, who were as blind as antelope gorging themselves at the watering hole during a drought.

(I miss antelope steak… do you know anywhere we can get antelope?)

Why are you writing to me, Sare-Khen? I am right here beside you.

I wasn’t I was asking Mr. Sala because he’s old and has been here a really long time and knows everything.

(Also, one of those whispering pendulums of wonder?)

So we fought really fiercely and I killed one of them and one of them had a big horse and his teeth were all pointy like a vampire but the paladin said he wasn’t a vampire. I killed three in the time you felled one. YOU DID NOT THAT’S A LIE. I killed two then. In the time you killed one. LIAR I split one in two.

They claimed to be part of some sort of cult called DEVIL’S SONS. They wore fake points on their teeth. They follow a mistress that claims they will be “reborn.” Two were detained, including the leader.

We brought them back and turned them over to the Night Watch and they strung them up right then and there almost.

I am We are not certain of those exact details, however they were brought back to the Night Watch for interrogation.

They did hang them I watched. Their legs twitched funny.

Did they wear those odd leather mittens on them?

They’re called boots and yeah but then when they took them down they gave them to some poor people who didn’t have any. I guess your paws get cold if you don’t have fur.

They are very kind, giving their leftover furs for the naked paws of their fellow pinkskinned tribesmen.

Well the dead ones didn’t need them. And they were bad people anyway.

(The note begins to look hastily scribbled, scrawling off against the margins, skewed a bit sideways)


That isn’t the point, Sare-Khen – dead or no, they could have just given them to the rich pinkskins in a means to accumulate wealth rather than redistribute them to that are more likely to die. Wait, what did they do with the dead men’s bodies?

Put them in a cart and took them away. I didn’t follow. Besides, they weren’t very nice boots. Are we done yet? I’m tired of writing.

  • Followed the group, which consisted of a cultist of the sun god, a woman-man that smoked brown wood with leaves, a shaggy-haired female pinkskin with a rose-shield, and an affectionate noblewoman and a flamboyantly-mannered, well-dressed pinkskinned male
  • Found a trail outside of the city that included the missing caravans and a body, all charred (body post-mortem) by some source of powerful magic
  • Found a group of bandits that were also part of a strange cult that appreciates costumed teeth and speaks of following a mistress that will make them “reborn”
  • Burned all of the bodies Did not find the rest of the caravan and cannot confirm the death of any missing members


(There’s an inky pawprint on the page here)



Ten Thousand Autumn Nights


This is amazing. Just amazing. <3

A letter marked with a flame

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